As a non-profit educational organization we are available to speak to groups throughout the community about land stewardship and the conservation of native plants and their habitats. We are at the Market Square Farmers Market every Saturday from 9-2, (May -  October) where we get the chance to reach many people.

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why Native Plants

Native plants have grown alongside native wildlife, insects, fungi, soil bacteria, and diseases for eons. They have developed a web of complex inter-relationships with these other organisms. These associations mean that native animals will generally be more attracted to native flora, which means that you’ll attract a wider variety of animals and beneficial insects to your yard.  Biodiversity is essential to the stability of most ecosystems. If we remove native plants form our natural ecosystems we see a decline in beneficial insects that are a primary source of food for birds and other wildlife. Transforming the current practices of development into a more ecological system will have associated benefits on other dimensions of human health and environmental health. 

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